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How Chatbot Is Better Than Google

A chatbot is a special type of app that uses conversational techniques to interact with its user. A chatbot can talk to you about almost anything, as the technology can be programmed to respond to different topics and questions.

This is great for businesses, as it allows them to gain more feedback from their customers. By using a chatbot, companies can expand their customer base and increase conversions due to familiarity.

For instance, a business might use a chatbot to sell them an automobile. The salesperson talking to the customer earns commission for each sale made, while the business gains more efficient sales staffs and operational efficiencies.

It also increases your confidence as a business owner, which may influence your purchases or attendance at events where entertainers or speakers are present.

Easy to use

how chatbot is better than google

There are no complicated features or functions that your chatbot needs to offer in order to be better than a human!

As opposed to a human, a chatbot is not trained in various areas such as different emotions, vocabulary, and rituals for responses. This means that a human-style chatbot is easier to use than a technically skilled one.

This makes it a desirable feature to have in your customer experience toolbox. It also means that if your bot fails or gets confused, you can always contact it directly via the website or app instead of having to constantly switch between the bot and your device.

However, having no features or functions that the bot needs to have better customer experience than a human does mean that there are no hidden costs associated with using one. As we will see below, this can make determining whether or not you need a Chatbot onto your team somewhat difficult.


how chatbot is better than google

As the first point, let’s discuss what a chatbot is. A chatbot is a software application that can be designed to interact with a user through conversation.

A conversation allows the user to share information or ask a question and get an answer in return. This is key to improving trust as well as engaging your customers.

When a customer asks a certain question, the bot can respond with an answer or suggestion. The way it responds can change depending on who it is speaking to and what company they are talking to.

For example, if the customer is shopping for furniture, the bot may suggest things that are specific to their needs such as furniture intended for bedrooms, kitchen & dining rooms, and built-in storage solutions. These solutions help increase sales because people want something that looks good and works well.

Natural language processing

how chatbot is better than google

The ability to understand and respond to natural language requests and questions is the key difference between a chatbot and a regular website or app feature.

Without this capability, a website or app would be unable to provide a complete answer or experience beyond simple guidance. A chatbot with natural language processing capabilities can do more than just that!

There are many benefits to using a chatbot. It can make your business process faster as you no longer have to ask your question and it responds with an answer. Furthermore, you can build your confidence in that response as it does not seem automated, but rather seems sincere and human.

The best part about having a chatbot is that you do not have to invest in creating one from scratch! You can buy one of the many platforms that have built-in responses to your needs.


how chatbot is better than google

Intuitive is a easy to use and understand platform. You do not have to be a botmaster to create bots that are intuitive.

Intuitive has created over 150,000 bots which makes it a very respected platform for businesses to use. Most bots are created as customer service call centers, letting customers know what their needed to do or order again.

Some of the things that make a bot intuitive is the way it is programmed, the inputs it receives, and the way it answers questions. A bot that is programmed in an intuitive way will have an answer for every question that is asked.

A good question can make the difference between a good and inticible answer. A bot that gets some of its answers from pre-programmed answers will stand a better chance of being intuitive.

No need to learn a new search engine

There is no need to learn a new search engine like Google. The platform and services found on theonde- Chatbot does a better job of searching than Google does.

By using a chatbot, you do not have to learn new search terms and conditions to use the new search engine. The bot understands your requests and changes searches accordingly to maintain your engagement.

This is helpful as more people will use this feature more often as they do not have to start learning new search terms and conditions every time they use the app or site.

To illustrate this, let’s look at the Office application on our phone. When using this app, you must first create an account via their website, then you can use the app to access your documents.

However, when using the app on my phone, you can simply click Search and speak your question or request.

Personalized experience

how chatbot is better than google

A crucial difference between a chatbot and a normal AI is how it responds to user input. A normal AI will take in all user input and determine what action to take based on that. This is called logic-based interaction.

With a logic-based interaction, the app or service itself determines whether or not a response is positive or negative, implying that the interaction was successful.

This is why some apps ask for proof of purchase before allowing an account, while others don’t. This way, the app can determine if the person is legitimate or not.

With a chatbot, there isn’t much logic-based interaction. All of the app needs to provide with its personalization is data collection.

Quick answers, not long articles

how chatbot is better than google

Short answers are the best answers when you need them the most.

They save you time by not being long articles, which can get lost in email or something else where you have to read it immediately. You can then answer the question and move onto the rest of the topic.

They are also easier to understand than long articles, which may have more depth to them. When you need an answer immediately, Chatbot is the way to go!

However, this also has its downside. If a question is deep, then your Chatbot cannot give you an immediate answer. You must either ask for another bot or yourself for an answer. This takes a little bit of time to get an answer with both people on, so that it is clear what each one means.

Great for short questions

how chatbot is better than google

When you are shopping online, you typically have a set of questions that you would like to ask at checkout. You would like to know if the product is new and/or if it has been replaced, updated, or expanded.

You want your bot to answer these questions gracefully and with an appropriate response.

This is key! A failed answer or inappropriate response will hurt your sale or disappointment percentage.

So, how do you make your bot better? There are many ways to create a chatbot. Some ways to do this are by using artificial intelligence (AI), creating more features your bot needs to meet customer expectations, and by practicing good customer service skills yourself.

Using AI can determine what words a customer uses to describe their experience and give them a better response than what your bot might use.

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