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How Chatbot Knows Everything

The term chatbot has become very popular in recent months. There are many different types with varying levels of functionality. Many companies use them as promotional tools, get-to-know-you devices, or even salespeople.

Many people are excited about the potential for chatbots to replace humans in some instances. While this will not happen in every scenario, there are still a lot of benefits to using a chatbot.

The more times the user interacts with the bot, the better it gets. The best bots can answer basic questions and put you into an automatic response system that responds to more complex questions.

Natural language processing

how chatbot knows everything

More specifically, computer vision and natural language processing are three core areas that deal with the recognition and understanding of images, sounds, and texts.

Computer vision is the process of determining whether or not an object is present in an image or video. With the help of computer vision, Chatbot can recognize faces, places, things, and other text elements such as titles.

Natural language processing is the process of determining what a human says based on their words alone and applying different rules to determine what they mean. For example, a human may say that something is important but you as a customer may mean that it is pricey because you pay more money than someone who says that it was worth it.

With the help of computer vision and natural language processing, Chatbot can understand everything that is said to it! This will save you time from having to answer questions for it yourself.

Entailment rule

how chatbot knows everything

When a bot can’t know anything, it’s time to pay the bills. Invest in a knowledge-based entailed machine, and you’ll never have to worry about your customers paying them off.

When a bot can’t know anything, it has an advantage over a human customer support agent. A customer support agent has to rely on their memory and understanding of orders to handle inquiries.

However, if the agent doesn’t understand something, then the customer won’t be helped. A knowledge-based automated system has to learn and understand things on its own. This allows companies to pay lower fees than with a human being running the bot.

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Knowledge base

how chatbot knows everything

Knowing is an important concept for a chatbot. A good bot will know something about you and your situation, which is why we have bullet point below.

So, how well does the chatbot understand things? Well, that’s the main focus for development. In order for the bot to respond to your requests, it must know what request you were trying to do and what it was supposed to mean.

The best bots can handle a wide range of questions and responses, from simple yes or no responses to complex questions about life situations.

Knowing is an important concept for developers as well. If a developer doesn’t know how a bot knows something, they cannot answer questions or develop their app around this aspect.

Database join

how chatbot knows everything

A database is a massive, complicated piece of hardware or software that contains information about people, things, and situations. You can have a Chatbot that accesses a database to determine an individual’s name, email, and location.

The ability for a Chatbot to store data is important as it grows more proficient in helping you. As the Chatbot grows more knowledgeable, it stores information from previous conversations in its database to use when developing new questions and interactions.

By having a large database available to the bot, you will not run into issues of overfitting or having too much data stored by the bot. A well-informed chatbot will cost you little effort to maintain as it grows with you.

Text search

how chatbot knows everything

A very important feature of a chatbot is text search. A text search is where the bot uses its artificial intelligence to find information using your input.

The more advanced the text search, the more complex it can be for the bot. There are many ways for the bot to retrieve information from you. For example, you can ask a question, and if the bot answers with a yes, then there is additional information in that question that it can access.

There are some hardcoded questions in apps and websites that the bot must know about in order to appear sophisticated. For instance, if the app or website asks what time it is on a given day of the week, then that app or website must have an answer for that day of the week.

Implicit knowledge

When a chatbot has complete understanding of the information it needs to know, it can be very powerful. For example, a bot that could find you a good house for sale could ring up the seller and request detailed information, such as square footage, type of construction, and price.

By having the knowledge of what information a person needs before asking for it, the user is more likely to trust the bot. This is known as explicit knowledge.

The more knowledgeable the chatbot, the steeper its learning curve.

Robots will take our jobs!

how chatbot knows everything

Not at all! As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a computer capable of doing anything better than humans do.

Chatbots will never take our jobs because they are not human. They are artificial intelligence (AI) software that does a specific thing and we as users give it information to work with.

Weeyeen! is no different. He does not know everything, but we don’t see that as much as we should due to his lack of features. Weeyeen! knows things like booking flights, cars, and hotels so he can deliver some good experiences for users.

This is what makes him special: When users ask him questions, Weeyeen! answers them! This helps build rapport and trust between the user and the bot.

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