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What Is User-generated Content

As the name suggests, user-generated content (UGC) extends beyond content produced by people directly interacting with a product or service. UGC can be created by users who themselves, or who are representing a product or service in a market audience.

UGC has become very popular as a way to extend the value of products and services. There are many ways to use UGC including videos, images, songs, and text posts. These types of content can be incorporated into marketing campaigns effectively to increase sales or recognition.

Many times, companies use UGC without giving any consideration to its quality. Many times comments and feedback are downvoted but still appear on the product or service’s website due to re-broadcasting, making it appear as though it was posted by the original user.

Examples of user-generated content

what is user-generated content

User-generated content is any content that is generated by a user, based on content from other users. This can be content written by someone else, but also content created by users as extensions to the content written by others.

User-generated content can be written for a variety of purposes: giving back to the community, building community engagement, or just fun to read.

Some common examples of user-generated content are: videos made by students at school, YouTube videos made by experts, and articles written by authors IRL rather than an extension of their work.

How to encourage user-generated content

what is user-generated content

User-generated content can be a goldmine. There are many sites that allow you to leave prompts for your friends and family to create content and distribute, add to, or contribute to your content.

Some of these user-generated content sites include Vineography, Shqueet, and Thumbtack. Users can leave virtual prompts for other people to come up with a fun way to market their business, property, or event.

Virtual pressure can help encourage real change, which is why we encourage it!

When users enter their content into the site, it comes out in a matter of minutes via an electronic file system. Once it is uploaded, it is distributed via the web and viewed by everyone who enters the site looking for inspiration.

This way, people can easily find what they’re looking for without having to spend time writing their article themselves.

User-generated content benefits users and businesses

what is user-generated content

User-generated content has revolutionized the way people consume news and media.

It has also changed media landscape forever. Companies pay top dollar for traditional media coverage, but if people are already spending their time viewing content, then what’s the point of paying for coverage?

With the introduction of the Internet and mass communication technologies, people were able to create their own material and send it to a wide audience with little or no re-write or editing.

It introduced new voices to speak out and share their thoughts and ideas, which can lead to new approaches on issues by different people or groups of people. This is what differentiates user-generated content from traditional media coverage is how much difference attendance makes on the reporting of an issue or event.

When it comes to covering news, you have your established reporters who are trained in how to cover news objectively and efficiently. You have your followers who provide more insight than only reporting facts,.

User-generated content helps attract search engine traffic

what is user-generated content

Creating content yourself is a great way to learn how to write. There are many services that offer editing and creation tools, making it easy to create content that is interesting and useful.

By using a user-generated content platform, you can now attached your review or submission to your site. Using the right platform for your article or submission is how you determine how much help this tool will provide.

Many people do not realize that search engines actually pay attention to articles submitted by users. Since you are the one who chose to submit your article, you may be able to make a difference in how well your article is ranked.

Users are your marketing team

what is user-generated content

This term has become a staple in marketing, giving way to all-important “active” and “passive” components of marketing.

Active content is content that is created by a user, typically through an app or website. For example, the @mention button on Twitter allows users to create actively created content such as tweets.

Passive content is content that is generated by an entity such as a website or application but that does not require a user engagement to be effective. For example, the #socialhumor hashtag on Twitter generates passive content and tweets, neither of which require a user to participate.

Users are the heart and soul of any company, so understanding how users createcontent is key into creating compellingcontent for your company.

When used correctly, users-generatedcontent can lower your cost of advertising because it does not require expensive efforts from marketersto be effective.

Encourage comments and feedback

what is user-generated content

Having comments and feedback means a lot to a news site like Bella, which employs people that write and create content for us. If you see or hear something that someone else said or wrote on our site that you liked, share their content with other people to encourage them to keep reading.

When users post user-generated content on our site, we review it to make sure it is not libelous or harmful. We also may post a little credit for the content creator if we feel it was necessary for the piece to be authentic.

Use software to facilitateUGC

what is user-generated content

There are many ways to help createUGC, including writing content for social media, editing existingUGC, or creating newUGC. Many software applications offer UGC creation capabilities, making it a simple way to supplement your content-creating skills.

Many platforms offer guidelines for how long content should be, how it should be formatted, and whether it should be anonymous or moderated. All of these things must be considered before offering a platform for UGC creation.

If you would like to take a quick break from regular content creation and create some UGC of your own, take a look at our list of free UCC (User-Generated Content) tips below.

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